Hello World!

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Thanks for coming and checking out my blog!  It’s something that I always thought I’d like to create, but never set aside to do.  I decided that this week is the week to do it.

From the name “Mum Life – Mom Life” you can guess that the underlying theme will be motherhood, but also home related stuff, TV and anything else that takes my fancy.  I’m a first time Mum and I love it.  My daughter, Ivy, is the most amazing little girl and I love her with all my heart.  You’ll find out lots about her on this site.  My husband will probably get the odd mention too!

Aside from being a mother and a wife, I have a background in Event Planning, Sales and Marketing, I am a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and currently work as a Car Seat Technician!  On top of that I’m incredibly tinny – I win a ridiculous amount of competitions and can always find a great car park, I’m tech savvy (which will be put to the test with this site!), am addicted to Netflix, have a love of chocolate and are a bit of an organisational perfectionist!

I look forward to you getting to know me through my musings and I you, from comments left on posts (hint, hint).

Sarah x



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