Homemade Sausage Rolls

This is probably one of my husband’s favourite meals, I know this because he’s not a fan of taking left-overs to work for lunch, but he’ll happily take this.  He’ll also happily eat two of them at dinner!

I’m a big fan of these being a favourite of his, as they are quick and easy to prepare, which is perfect for a mid-week meal.

There are no exact measures for this recipe and plenty of modifications that can be made.

Here’s what I used…

7 Beef Sausages.  Use a good quality sausage, if you’re in the Wellington region I recommend Moore Wilson’s Beef Sausages.  They are well priced, tasty and no nasties.  You could also buy a tube of sausage meat to save you the trouble of removing the skins.

1 Apple.  I used Pacific Beauty this time, as that’s what I had in the fruit bowl.

1 Carrot

1 Brown Onion.  You could easily use red if you prefer.

3 sheets Puff Pastry.  Each sheet makes two sausage rolls.

Milk for brushing on top, you can use egg if you prefer.

Now for the making…

I start by turning the oven on to 180C/360F and getting the pastry sheets out of the freezer, they’ve generally defrosted enough to be rolled by the time I’ve finished prepping the filling.

Grate the carrot and apple and chopping the onion.  Since I am feeding this to a toddler as well, I chose to throw all of it into the blender and gave it a bit of a whiz, to make the mixture smoother and also so it will be less obvious!  Blending them together created a soggy mix, due to the juice from all three ingredients.  I just took handfuls out of the blender and squeezed it in my hand a couple of times to get rid of the liquid before popping it into a large bowl.  There are probably better ways of doing that, but my hands worked, it was quick and it saved extra dishes!

Next split open the sausages and squeeze the meat into the bowl and discard the skins.  Then get your hands in there and mix it all together.  This is the stage where you could add herbs and spices if you wish, crushed garlic, other grated/chopped veggies.  I didn’t bother with herbs and spices as the sausages I used already had some seasoning.  Just be mindful that if you are adding extra vegetables, that you may need to up the amount of sausage meat to keep a good ratio.  Not enough sausage and too many veggies will make the mixture crumbly, not hold together as well and potentially a little dry.

This is what the filling will look like when combined.

11749761_10153391527026421_831393365_nNow you are ready to construct the sausage rolls.

Place a piece of pastry on the bench or on chopping board and place the filling along the end closest to you.  You can make them as fat or skinny as you like.  When doing them this thickness I am able to get six sausage rolls, which have a decent amount of pastry wrapped around them.  Play around and see what your preference is.

image2Before you roll up the pastry, this is the stage that you’d add any extras you might like to add – sauce, cheese, mashed potato, bacon.  Whatever you like really.  Once ready, start to roll…image3Keep rolling until there’s no pastry left to roll.image4Once rolled up, I chop in half, which seems a much simpler way of doing it, as opposed to cutting the pastry prior.  I then get a little fancy and add some cut marks to the top.  I’m fancy like that.


Once cut, place on a lined baking tray, brush with milk/egg and bang it into the oven for 30-45 minutes – time all depends on your oven and the thickness of your sausage rolls.  I did ours for 40 minutes.

image6 (1)Once done, grab them out and let them cool for a little or eat them straight away, but be warned, they are hot!

image7They are great served with mashed potato, mixed veggies (our usual sides) and homemade tomato relish (I will have to share that recipe) or this time we had them with some leftover roast veggie salad and also a side of leftover Moroccan couscous (which I’ve talked about here) and the relish.

If you make them, please comment below and let me know!







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  1. Wow, these look amazing! Every now and again i get a huge craving for sausage rolls. I am adding this page to my favourites right now, so i can find it easily the next time i have a craving.

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