Alexandra’s Gourmet

I posted about Alexandra’s Moroccan Couscous last month, encouraging you all to go out and buy it, as it’s such a great staple to have in the cupboard.  I also mentioned that they have an online store, which I decided to give a whirl yesterday.

Let me start by saying “holy crap” to their service.  A good holy crap.  I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning.  They are based in Auckland, I’m in Wellington, so it’s not as though they just had to drive across the city.  I was pretty impressed with that.  Good service is something that will make me want to continue spending my money.

They also offer free shipping if you spend over $50, who needs $50 worth ($55.73 to be precise) of couscous?  Well, the answer is we do haha.  I’m a sucker for free shipping, so I perused the website and found other products they offered that we’d like to try, here is my box of goodies…

11738016_736597003111084_852546513923341465_nI’m also a sucker for nicely packaged things, how nice is that!  I hate when you open up a box of something you’ve ordered online and it’s just been chucked in with reckless abandon.

We got all four Moroccan Couscous flavours.  Looking forward to trying the sundried tomato one, as our local supermarket didn’t sell that flavour.


Some plain Israeli couscous, as we thought that’ll go nicely with the curries I’ve been making lately.


I love my Mum’s rice pudding and since Mum lives a 7 hour drive (9 if we have Ivy with us) away from here, it’s jus not feasible to stop by for some.  So this is hopefully going to be the next best thing.  Actually I guess the next best thing would actually be getting my Mum’s recipe and making it myself, but this packet just seems easier as all I have to do is add milk and let it simmer.  Plus, it’s chocolate and blueberry.  I love chocolate and I love blueberries!
11758997_10153381288046421_2126807610_nThey have a small, but good selection of spices.  I chose Tajine spice because yum.  Plain and simple.  Who doesn’t love a good tagine?11693225_10153381289671421_1186117843_nAnd I also chose Ras El Hanout because it had numerous options of use and sounded like a nice blend.  On a completely unrelated note, which had no impact on my decision, who here watches Arrow?  The spice name makes me think of Ra’s al Ghul haha.  Hopefully, it’s more pleasant and less deadly than he is.

11758901_10153381289281421_1118192250_nI think that we got our money’s worth.  Go ahead, jump online and order some goodies too.





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