Buffet Bonanza

Our holiday package included a daily buffet breakfast and boy, it didn’t disappoint!  My brain shut off when it saw all the food that first morning and switched to holiday mode!  I went from being a person who ate a couple of pieces of toast, to a person who ate a hot breakfast and finished it off with a Pain au Chocolat…  or two…

You have to see photo’s to believe the amazingness that it was!

This is the drinks station.  The juices were consistent, the smoothie flavour changed daily.  You could also order specialised coffees, teas, hot chocolates, whole coconuts…  the usual.


They also had a Bloody Mary station set up each day besides the tomato juice dispenser.  I really wished I liked them, as I wanted to make one!


A tad boring, it’s just cereal, but you got to scoop it out with coconut shells, so that was a point of difference from home!


Last of the boring “I have that stuff at home” photos.  They did put out a good choice of breads, your standard white, wholemeal and multi-grain, also some sliced raisin brioche and assorted housemade breads.  They catered to the Aussie’s by having a couple of jars of Vegemite, sadly no Marmite.  Luckily I brought some from home.

image1 (1)

Who wants cake, pastries, doughnuts, muffins and waffles or pancakes for breakfast?  The answer is majority of kids at breakfast each day judging by their plates!  Ivy was lucky enough to have a little cake or part of a muffin some (read: every) breakfast.  She never got a doughnut though, they were nearly the size of her head!

Not a lot changed on this section, other than waffles and pancakes alternating days and the custard & fruit danishes changing flavours.  I ate far too many of the Pain au Chocolat’s over the week, they were just so damn good!  Funnily enough, I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually ate one back home in NZ!


They also had a small selection of Gluten Free cakes and muffins, which were kept separate from the rest, which I thought was quite smart.  You can see them to the right of the fruit and again (larger) in the photo below.  The fruit selection was good, had a nice assortment of tropical fruits, which is what you want on a Island holiday!




Now we head to the hot food section.  Yummy.  They had vegetarian pizza every morning (although one morning it did have ham on it…); then salmon on toast topped with a poached egg, with a jug of hollandaise in front; the usual staples of hash browns, grilled tomatoes and bacon.  I don’t like hash browns normally, but I loved these ones, so they were a regular on my plate!  The bacon was a little hit and miss at times, but it is what it is when you are cooking for the masses.  In the little dishes you have frittata, then scrambled eggs and then curried Indian vegetables.


I learnt to love the lady on the egg station, which I referred to as the omelette station as that’s what I always got from her.  You had the choice of 6 different add in’s, so each omelette was made to your preference.  You should also get poached or fried eggs.  She was a very busy lady!


The chafing dishes changed from day to day, except for a couple.  There were always boiled eggs and always a form of beans – either baked beans or spicy baked beans.  I tried both and can tell you the only difference was the spicy ones had some added kidney beans, cubed potato and green beans.  There wasn’t any actual spice.  Other hot dishes over the week we were there included Oriental fried rice, curried rice with ham and pineapple, corned beef hash, creamed mushrooms, pork sausages with onions, vegetable fried rice and one other dish I can’t recall as I shut the lid pretty quick after opening as it did not appeal at all!


image6 (1)

Last section, my FitBit was racking up the steps each morning as I navigated the numerous areas!  Here you have yoghurts (always plain and alternating strawberry or apricot), fruit (alternating tinned pears or peaches), a selection of cheeses, cold meats and a form of layer breakfast dish, generally it was either bircher or a coconut flavoured one.



– Pace yourself, I think I peaked too soon at our first breakfast!

– Get there early’ish.  We found if we arrived around 7.30-8am (breakfast went from 6.30-10.30am) that there we no queues for the omelette station, the juices and smoothie canisters were full and the was no backlog at the toaster.  Let’s face it, we have a toddler, we were easily able to make this time frame!

– Not sure if this is allowed or not, but take some small containers!  Ivy is only a little eater at breakfast time, but I know that give it another hour and she suddenly realises she’s still hungry so I’d take a couple of small containers so that I could make her a sandwich, pack some fruit or a muffin.  We often went straight from breakfast to poolside, so it meant we were ready to go.

– Try new foods and unusual breakfast combinations, that’s the perk of a buffet, you can always leave it if you don’t like it and go and grab something else.

– Wear comfy shoes.  Perhaps your husband is different to mine, but in case he’s not, always ensure you have good footwear…  my husband would always go off and get his own breakfast and sit down.  I would lug our toddler around getting hers, then I’d pop her down with some food before going off to get the rest of hers, before returning to the table so he could “quickly” get another coffee, then I’d start the rounds to get my own breakfast.  Every morning this is how it went down.



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