Have you ever heard of RageChill?  It’s a music website based out of Nashville that’s been around for years, I’ve been a big fan.  I don’t really have a distinct choice in music, I will happily listen to almost anything and will give most genres a try (doesn’t necessarily mean I like it), this website appeals to that side of me.

The premise is to move the indicator along the music bar, with RAGE being at one end and CHILL being at the other.  It then chooses a song based on your choice.  Sometimes I get a song that I know and love (or know and hate) and other times, I get introduced to a song I’ve never heard, which can lead to a quick re-click to get a new song or I get to establish a new favourite song to be added to my iPhone.

Here are some examples of what you might stumble upon, click on the photo to hear the song if you like:

Full Rage
Full Rage
Middle Ground
Full Chill
Full Chill

I’ve noticed they’ve made is that now to listen to more than a few songs you must sign in to Twitter, it’s not a deal breaker to using the site and you are assured that they won’t Tweet anything on your behalf.  What it does enable you to do is save songs as a “My Favourite” which is a nice addition.  Once you select a song to be a favourite, you get the option of sharing it on Twitter with your followers, which is obviously why they’ve chosen to incorporate it as it helps to promote the website and promote the artists.

They’ve also developed an app, but unfortunately for me it’s not available in New Zealand.

So if you feel like listening to something potentially different to your usual choice of music, if you are feeling indecisive or if you just want to give is a whirl, then head over to RageChill and have a go.


What do you think?

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