So the hubby and I have jumped on the FitBit band wagon. I wanted one for the motivation and because I’m actually interested in seeing what I manage to do… and how little sleep I get! Pretty sure my hubby wanted one because I wanted to get one haha.

The perk of him having one too however is that it adds the element of competition, which I think for my personality is going to be helpful! I’ll share some more information on that later.

For those who aren’t familiar with the FitBit, this is the main screen here:

It displays all the necessary things you want to know – amount of steps, distance, calories, weight till goal etc. My screen is still set to the default, but you can change the order plus add/remove information if you wish.

The sleep screen is one of my favourites as I’m fascinated to see how much I actually get. Some days I’m surprised with how little time it took me to fall asleep, other times it’s great proof to prove to my husband that I got no sleep! You can clearly see from the photo above that I was stupid and went to be super late… I was binge watching One Tree Hill, a show I blogged about here.

This is the main screen for challenges, from here you select one of the options and it opens up a new screen. Once in those other screens you can pick your opponents, from one person up to ten people.

Here’s a shot of all of the goals which includes a quick description of what they are:


You can set your own goals by selecting ACCOUNT at the bottom of the app, then selecting GOALS. You’ll then be taken to this screen that you can modify:

It’s a pretty neat watch really.

Pro’s – Provides motivation, the screen illuminates bright enough I can use it as a light when sneaking in my babies room, comfortable to wear

Con’s – Isn’t waterproof which I didn’t think would be as annoying as it is and the battery doesn’t last as long as it says it will but that might be more to do with the fact that I keep checking stuff because it’s my new toy.



What do you think?

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