First day of Daycare

So on Tuesday it was Ivy’s first day of day care.  Both of us coped better than expected!  Ivy didn’t cry when I left, that was a huge help.  Being an Early Childhood Teacher I know the drill, I know that kids can cry when their parent/guardian leaves and that shortly after they stop.  That being said, the Mum in me was dreading the tears and even though I knew they’d stop I still knew it would upset me to hear it!  So thanks Ivy for thinking of me and going off happily!

I busied myself during the morning with going to the supermarket and chiropractor before doing some housework and heading off to work.  Work was manic, lots of people coming in to buy car seats and other bits and pieces.  Before I knew it, it was time to go back and get her.

She had had a reasonably good day.  She was in her element for the first hour of her day playing in the sandpit, kicking a ball and watching the rubbish truck collect rubbish from the construction site behind the centre.  She’s an outdoor kid well and truly.  She’d happily be outside all day, every day, rain or shine!  I say the day was reasonably good because she enjoyed the play side of things, but not the sleeping and eating side!  Again I know that due to her being in a totally different environment with different people, that some children react to this by basically boycotting things, which is what Ivy did and I know it will pass, but it’s hard hearing that your good day sleeper and good eater was terrible at both.  Luckily I’d taken some food for her to eat in the car on the way home.

Tomorrow (Friday) was to be her second day, however, my poor wee poppet is sick (day care bugs already??) so will be having the day at home to sleep, eat and rest.

Hopefully next Tuesday things go better and she starts to settle in a bit more.


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