Alexandra’s Moroccan Couscous


This couscous is amazing (in this case it’s pronounced ah-may-zing) and it is a must buy to add to all of your grocery shopping lists now!  The Moroccan Couscous comes in the four flavours shown above (left to right) Apricot, Currant & Moroccan Spice; Date, Pistachio & Moroccan Spice; Olive, Sundried Tomato & Moroccan Spice and Mushroom, Pine Nut & Moroccan Spice.

We’ve tried three out of four flavours, I haven’t seen the olive and sundried tomato one yet, so will be keeping my eye out for that one.  I find it hard narrowing down which is my favourite, I do enjoy the apricot and currant one, but the date and pistachio is also pretty scrummy.

Like with your regular couscous, it is incredibly easy to make.  You just heat a little olive oil, add the contents of the bag, stir, add hot water and salt, bring to the boil and then cover to simmer stirring occasionally, before removing it from the heat to sit with the lid on for a bit.  Fluff it up with a little extra olive oil or butter and voila!  Super easy yumminess.  Obviously you could easily concoct your own version (I have in the past), but I worked out that by the time I get all the extra additions, it’s just as cheap (and far easier) to buy it in its prepackaged form.

Alexandra's One Pot meals, Couscous, Pilaf, Quinoa, Rice Puddings. Pictures: Carolyn Robertson
(Top) Apricot & Currant, Date & Pistachio (Bottom) Olive & Sundried Tomato, Mushroom & Pinenut

It is delicious served hot or cold, as a side dish, salad or as a main.  We had it the other night with steak and some roast vegetables.  I then had the leftovers the next day cold with some of the roast vegetables and a bit of feta.  Both ways were delicious!

The product is available online for delivery nationwide (New Zealand) or internationally on request.  You can also get it in store throughout New Zealand and Australia and in Oakland, CA.


(Photo’s courtesy of Alexandra’s website)



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