Online Safety – Facebook

The Profile in Question

I was shocked over the weekend to read a post on a good friends page that stated her son’s identity was being used to create a fake profile.  I know things like that happen, but I assumed they happened in America (no offence America) not to a Kiwi kid!

To the left is a screen shot of the profile.  They have used his name and his photo (for his saftey I have hidden both those things) and have put a 12 year old as being 31 years old!  WTF?!?!

Obviously my friend is incredibly angry about this, as you can imagine any parent would be.  She has taken the correct steps (in my eyes) by posting it to her page urging friends not to add him as it’s a fake account.  As expected her friends are shocked and disgusted.  Who in their right mind would do something like this?  She has also reported it to Facebook.  Unfortunately, Facebook have been very disappointing with their response.  This is what she has received…

Utter bullshit!

As you can imagine, the Mumma Bear in her is roaring pretty loudly about this right now!  What steps did they take to review that it is a real person?  Do they really take it seriously?  Upsetting for her?  They don’t even know the half of it!  They’re lucky she can’t come and deal with this in person as she is one tough cookie – and that’s when she doesn’t feel threatened!

She has followed it up with them, and I, along with other friends of hers have clicked on the button to report it too.  Hopefully, if enough of us complain something might actually be done.

The internet is a bit of a scary place at times and my friend sharing her story has reawakened my attitude towards sharing my daughter online.  I had already made the decision that I would mention her on this blog, but that I would never post any photos that disclose her face.  That decision seems even more important now.

So if you have your little ones online, which of course is fine, but please make sure you are sharing them safely.  Make sure your profiles are set so that not everything is shared with the public, as it’s become clear that there are people out there who don’t value people’s privacy!


What do you think?

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