Unknown Kitchen Hazards


I posted this link from Kidspot on my personal Facebook page this week, it’s a sad tale of a 4 year old boy in Australia who died from ingesting too much cinnamon.  It’s crazy to think a spice found in most kitchens could have such a disastrous effect!  I knew that a large dose of nutmeg or the combination of two nutmegs could be dangerous/fatal, but not that cinnamon was too.  Turns out a lot of my friends weren’t aware either, so I was glad I shared the information!

We are all careful to keep cleaning products and the like out of reach of our children, but the spice drawer/cabinet?  Geez, this parenting thing just gets trickier and trickier!  It got me thinking about whether there are other products and foods out there that we wouldn’t even think of that could be in your kitchen or garden.  So here is a wee list of a few things I found, just to be mindful of, as our little people are precious!

Tomato leaves and stems – Glycoalkaloid can cause an upset stomach and severe cramping

Rhubarb Leaves – Can cause breathing problems, kidney failure, seizures and in some cases, death

Potatoes – Very rare, but if you eat green potatoes or ones that are heavily sprouted you can get a form of poisoning

Raw Almonds – Luckily almonds you get from stores have been treated correctly from going through a specialised heat treatment.  Raw almonds can be poisonous in large quantities due to being full of cyanide!

The Bark, Leaves and Stones of Stone Fruit They contain Amygdalin, which is a compound that produces cyanide, so don’t let you kids chomp down on the stones.  Large doses can cause dizziness, vomiting, kidney failure and even death.

Apple Seeds – The same as the stone fruit above, apple seeds shouldn’t be ingested in big quantities.  Don’t panic if your child eats a few, just don’t let them chow down on a 2kg bag…

Aloe Vera – A great succulent to have in the garden for treating burns, but don’t let you kiddies eat it as it can cause diarrhea and sore stomachs.  The bottled form you buy in stores is completely safe.


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