One Tree Hill


I was scrolling through Netflix options the other day, for a nice easy no think show that I could get hooked on and watch for hours on end (I’m dreaming about that part, I have a child!)  I also was looking for a show I knew the husband wouldn’t like, so I could watch it while he played whatever game is his favourite at the moment on his PS4 or X-Box One.

Chad, as Lucas. Check out that brooding, he does that every episode

I stumbled across One Tree Hill, all NINE seasons, 187 episodes.  The show first premiered in 2003, which means I was roughly the same age, okay a little older, than what the characters were at the time.  That brought a nice thought of nostalgia of the fashion, the music, hair styles, the teen heartthrobs (I thought Chad Michael Murray was a bit of alright back in the day) and the lingo.  So I lined up One Tree Hill and got stuck in.  I also got sucked in, very quickly, thanks in large part to Ivy going to bed really well (woo hoo) and the hubby having a new game, I have already burned through the first two seasons and are up to episode 10 of season three.

The show is somewhat ridiculous, definitely has a soap opera vibe to it sometimes – affairs, murder attempts, paying someone to make your brother fall in love to get revenge on him sleeping with your wife…  but to quote my friend Marie “I’m loving it sick”.  It’s superficial but deep, funny but sad, ridiculous but also realistic.  Bonus is they had New Zealand actor Kieren Hutchison play a New Zealander not an American.

Tonight I will watch “Lucas and Peyton take a road trip together to find Ellie.  While out of town, Lucas reconnects with a friend from the past. Brooke, Haley and Mouth successfully launch the Clothes Over Bro’s website, only to find that demand far exceeds supply.  Deb reveals to Nathan that she tried to kill Dan.  Nathan and Haley finally get back together”, that’s a lot to fit in 40 minutes!  My life is nowhere near that exciting, in the last 40 minutes I’ve had a shower, loaded the dishwasher, typed my previous blog post and eaten pudding…  don’t see my life being the basis of a TV show any time soon!

I’ll report back once I’m all done, which if Ivy sleeps as well as she did last night, won’t be too far away!

Has anyone else watched the show before or are currently watching it?  What do you think?


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  1. […] The sleep screen is one of my favourites as I’m fascinated to see how much I actually get. Some days I’m surprised with how little time it took me to fall asleep, other times it’s great proof to prove to my husband that I got no sleep! You can clearly see from the photo above that I was stupid and went to be super late… I was binge watching One Tree Hill, a show I blogged about here. […]


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