Pretty Little Liars

** If you’re not up to date with the show, be wary of spoilers **

Whilst I love a good documentary or thought-provoking TV show, I’m pretty certain my teenage self is still hiding inside when it comes to some of my TV choices, (case and point my post on my current Netflix binging) because I love the drama that an over-the-top teen show has to offer and Pretty Little Liars is just that!

I have watched the series from the beginning, now in its sixth season it’s got a large cult following with lots of blogs such as Analyzing A and Pretty Little Liars Theories & Clues dedicated to the big question “who is A?”  A question that is finally getting answered SIX seasons in.  There’s even a whole Reddit thread dedicated to discussing parts of the show.


Who is Charles DiLaurentis?  Is it really Andrew?  Why are all the guys so good looking in Rosewood? Where do the girls buy their clothes, seriously?  Will we find out what happened in the dollhouse?  Who is Sara?  Will Ezra ever face charges for sleeping with Aria?  Where has Mike gone?

I read all the books years ago, which hasn’t helped one bit with working out who A is or what the hell is going on, as the series deviates greatly from them.  I’m looking forward to watching the coming episodes and seasons, Buzzfeed posted a great article the other day where Executive Producer Marlene King divulged a lot of upcoming surprises, such as a 5-year time leap!  I look forward to seeing how that pans out.

Anyone else a big fan?  Who do you think A is?  Who’s your favourite character?  Who has the best style?


What do you think?

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