Herb & Spice Staples

Here are a list of (dried/fresh) herbs and spices I always make sure are in the spice drawer at any given time and the dishes I commonly use them in.

Basil, ground & fresh – Pizza and pasta sauces, pesto, marinades, salads

Bay Leaves – Soups, stews and casseroles

Black Peppercorns – Great in everything and used in a coating for meats

Cayenne Pepper – Mexican, Cajun and Indian dishes

Chilli Flakes/Red Pepper Flakes – Pasta sauces, pizza topping/sauce, stir-fry

Chilli Powder – Mexican dishes

Cinnamon, ground & sticks – Baking, stews, casseroles, chillis and curries

Cloves, ground & whole – Baking, Christmas ham

Corriander (Cilantro), ground, dried & fresh – Mexican, Indian and Asian dishes

Cumin – Middle Eastern, Mexican and Indian dishes

Curry Powder – Curries and great with sauteed cabbage

Garlic, powder & fresh – Fresh goes in EVERYTHING!  Powder goes well in a crumb for fish or meat

Ginger – Baking

Mint, fresh – Sauces, cocktails (!), roasts, salads and baking

Mustard Powder – Sauces, salad dressings, curries

Nutmeg, ground & whole – Baking, pumpkin or spinach dishes

Oregano, dried – Cajun, Mexican and Italian dishes

Paprika and Smoked Paprika – Mexican and Indian dishes, meat rubs

Parsley, dried & Fresh – Salads, dressings, soups, pasta sauce, pizza sauce, stews, casseroles, baking

Rosemary, dried & fresh – Stews, casseroles, roasts

Sage, dried & Fresh – Stuffing, roast chicken, pumpkin dishes, pasta

Thyme, dried & fresh – Pizza sauce, Italian dishes, tossed through roast vegetables

Tumeric – Curries, pickles, rice dishes, relishes


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