Fiji Here We Come!


My husband and I married back in March, a week before Ivy’s first birthday.  It was decided that our honeymoon would actually be a family vacation as there is no way we could leave her for a week – our “relaxing” honeymoon would involve me stressing and worrying, which would counteract the “relaxing” part!  Plus we both decided that we’d just have more fun if Ivy was to come along too.  So with that in mind, our planning shifted from “where would we like to go?” to “where is child-friendly and a short plane ride?”  Fiji was the answer.

Next question was, where do we stay?  I put the question out in the wonderful land of Facebook and got lots of replies from friends who had holidayed.  The list of hotels featured a wide range of wonderful looking places.  The list quickly got shortened to two hotel as we want to stay in a one bedroom apartment, not a studio, so that left us with the Hilton and the Radisson Blu.  So should you wish to take your kid/kids to Fiji, keep that in mind if you want a separate bedroom – if you want to splurge to two rooms, the list gets a little bigger again.

We made the final decision to go with Radisson Blu – for two reasons, it was a few hundred dollars cheaper and the size of the apartment was very generous.  Yes my husband liked the fact that the Hilton apartment had a dishwasher and a espresso machine, but that got vetoed pretty soon.  Our one bedroom suite is a whopping 80m2, that’s bigger than the first place I ever rented!

Look at all that space!

The fact that it had a washer and dryer made it even better.  That fact also made me a little sad that I got excited that I’d be able to do laundry while on holiday!

Ivy is too young to go to the Kids Club unattended, so the fact that the Hilton Kids Club didn’t factor in, especially since the Radisson Blu has the best toddler pool by far, based on recommendations.  Ivy is a pale red head who loves playing in sandpits and loves water, the Radisson has a covered toddlers pool that is surrounded by sand!  She is going to be in heaven!  I imagine she will spend most of her time here.  I’m more than okay with that!


I am very excited to see the full spectrum of what our resort has to offer, as well as what Fiji has to offer!  I’ve never been to a tropical island and it’s been close to a decade since I’ve been on an actual holiday.

Anyone else from the Southern Hemisphere getting away from winter for a bit?



  1. We stated here and had this suite plus the one on the other side of the foyer. Very nice! Make sure you check out the Mexican restaurant at the next resort down then road (walking distance). It so so good! Try hiring a car too! The supermarket by the airport is the best one to go to. And make sure you get pineapple and bananas from the road side vendors… So good! I think i need another Fiji trip!!


    • I love Mexican, will have to check it out! Not going to bother with a car as we don’t want the hassle of having to car along Ivy’s car seat since we’ll be taking the pram… and a heap of luggage!


  2. Sounds amazing!! Looking forward to reading about the actual holiday and how it all went!
    We decided to go on a cruise in Japan this year as we are not a ‘resort type of holiday’ people and roadtrips are off the table with a 15 month old toddler!
    Excited, i only wish Japan was closer, flights wont be easy, but hopefully it’ll all be worth the pain in the end!


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