Hi, my name’s Sarah and I’m Addicted to Fizzy Drink

Ugh, it’s hideous.  It started back in April and it’s not a good habit to have.  For our wedding back in March we were able to supply our own non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, this meant we bought a large quantity of cans of fizzy drink to be served, this also meant that we had a lot of left over cans due to buying extra for just in case.  Since I don’t drink alcohol I find myself grabbing a can when my husband has a beer or wine, as water just doesn’t seem to cut it in those situations.  The downside to this is I am drinking fizzy drink far more often than I should.  At one point I was having a can a day.  That’s gross.  I have since cut back and I don’t miss it, but I also can’t stop cold turkey.  But I am going too!  I’ve decided that July will be a fizzy drink free month and that I will do my best to continue to not have it in my diet from that point forward.  Why July?  Well I’m a realist.  We are off on holiday at the end of this month so I know that means I will want to indulge a little!

Does anyone else drink too much fizzy drink?  Have you managed to quit your bad habit?



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